A lot can happen in a year


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This is a sort of diary entry, to mark the events. It’s important to catalog those times in our lives that make us think of changing, for that is how we grow. I would love to know how you have grown too – please feel free to comment.

A year ago, we marked the beginning of what would be a total change in my life, in so many lives, in the whole world.

The Covid-19 pandemic was declared on March 10th and in the next few weeks flights were cancelled, borders were closed and lockdowns were happening worldwide.

We didn’t know then how big the change would be; we thought maybe it would last a few months.

Work changed entirely for both my husband and me. We had 20 catering events booked for the summer season, with more to come. The phone stopped ringing and the only emails coming in were cancellations.

I did master my sourdough starter, allowing us to have homemade bread, buns, flatbreads and even donuts. I gained confidence with plenty of other recipes too, during lockdown.

I took online cooking classes. I the garden prepped like never before. I spent lots of quality time with my wonderful four-legged pal. We went camping.

As summer went by, we realized we had to pivot. Things were not getting better for work.

Gone were the days of focusing on in-person work, especially with clients mostly from the hospitality industry. I still wanted to mentor somehow, but online training exists in spades, so Plan B was needed.

We saw many friends in hospitality change their focus. Some looked to retire from the industry a bit earlier, but that didn’t mean they were kicking back. Many folks dug deep to unearth other skills they could use in the new world.

I admire businesses that came up with a new mousetrap for the new world. Restaurants created “dinner at home” packages, hotels focused on “staycation” packages. I found a bakery in London that switched their cooking classes online and figured out deliveries across the UK for flour and yeast during lockdown.

I went back to the beginning. My love of languages made me a French major in university, and I enjoyed my final year on an exchange as a teaching assistant in France. Maybe I could use those skills again?

We lost our Chocolate Labrador girl, Ella, in October and so that set me back. I lost my mojo, not having my one companion anymore. But, as corny as it sounds, life goes on.

So here I am a year into this new world, with a few new skills and some old ones dusted off. I am more grateful than ever for what I have: the memories, the opportunities, and the expanding future.

I am taking a course to certify as a TEFL teacher (teaching English as a foreign language). I am excited to be doing something new. I am looking forward to sharing my passion with students.

I am weary of being isolated from others, and I wish we could have had our winter scuba diving trip, but I will see folks again and I will dive again. The past does not equal the future – unless I live there.

I am not saying goodbye to training. I look forward to working with businesses expanding into the new world. My WOW mentoring will expand too, including sessions for employees working on English as they work at their jobs too.

So, here’s to the year ahead. For me, a new direction, a new way to give to more people, a new world. I’m hoping that is true for many others.

If I learned anything this past year, it was that we need each other. We need to give to stay connected; life is in the giving, not the getting. Old habits needed to be changed, and it was time to adjust. As a great poet said recently, “hindsight is 2020”.

What did you do to pivot in the new world? Are you making new connections? I would love to hear how you are moving forward.

If you know anyone who wants a tutor for English, I have some volunteer time available. Have them contact me directly. 😁