Stretch in winter to be ready to run in spring


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In the grey days of winter, when the wind blows hard, we want to have something brighter to look towards. Many of us focus on spring. Warmer nights, longer days, and plenty of new life.

Spring is a busy time. It’s a time of growth and expansion. Often that is when we plan to start growing and expanding in business – training new staff, stocking up on more inventory, adding new features and experiences for customers.

But what if we look at a different way to experience the joy of spring?

If we look deeper into the cycle of all the seasons, we realize those new shoots were planted long before to come up in spring. The sun is always adjusting its route just a little bit to advance towards those longer days in spring that become languid summer evenings. Baby animals take planning, too.

Just like not stretching before a workout makes it harder to reach your full potential in jumping and running and lifting, not preparing and planning your growth in business can leave you trying to push hard at the last minute and straining your resources.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can get away with this.

We are already in the home stretch to spring arriving, but here is one last opportunity to pull your socks up and at least get a good look at how you want to run the race this year. You can maximize the resources you have, and ensure your team is prepared to tackle spring with enthusiasm and confidence.

I have my top tips for making your spring in business a joyous one:


  1. Ask your team for their suggestions on what to change, add, take away to improve the experience for them and as a result, the customers. Be sure to mention that even just knowing something isn’t as good as it could be is important to mention; often the team can work a better method together.
  2. Check in with everyone – reaffirm your purpose, your vision. Ask “why are we here?” and find a fun answer! Your vision should make sense to every team member. A team that understands a common purpose is more motivated to reach goals and look beyond to the next achievement.
  3. Present a way that every team member can know they are giving back, serving a purpose beyond profits and sharing a positive experience somehow. Maybe it’s a partnership with local charities or volunteer efforts or even the nature of your work. Just make sure everyone knows they are helping to improve more than a bottom line.


  1. Participate, and take initiative to make the most of your work experience. If there are training opportunities at your company, take advantage of them! If there are other people you could get to know at work, introduce yourself – understand what they do to learn more of the “big picture” and gain more perspective. Make suggestions when you have ideas that take the experience to the next level.
  2. Find something outside work to give you work-life balance in your time and interests. Have a hobby, volunteer, spend quality time with friends and loved ones, go for a regular walk. Share the joy you get from those things with your colleagues and your customers. Have these habits before it gets busy and you will be better able to handle the extra stress of a busier time.
  3. Be proud of your work, your contribution, and respect the work of others. Even if your duties do not include interacting directly with a customer, know that you add value to create the experience that customer has. Remember that the same is true of everyone – we all make a difference. Encourage this with colleagues to support a culture that supports your efforts to do your best.

When these behaviours become habits for a business team, they are much more resilient by being consciously aware of what makes them work at their best. They can focus on this no matter how busy they are, meaning they have more fun and can more easily create a WOW experience for customers.

Spring is a joyous time, but it is also tumultuous with spring storms and rapid change. Be prepared and enjoy those changes.

If you’d like help doing this with your team, contact me for a consultation.