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There are many moving pieces to creating a strategy and living a mission statement. All the philosophy gets written out and the policies get made and the products and services get designed or decided upon. Then the stuff has to be displayed, and talked about, and hopefully sold. Someone has to keep track of all those pieces as time goes on. And if there’s money in the bank and stuff to sell, then the business survives. Yahoo!

But wait. Gravity works against success. Just when you think you can coast, because your sales are up and your expenses are reasonable, and the customer feedback says they like you, that’s when you have to start again and work harder. Momentum won’t keep you moving in an upward trend; gravity pulls it all downward unless you continue to build more momentum. Did no one tell you that boulder you push is going uphill?

Innovate, expand, redesign. Which one? Do you focus on products or service? All the options might make you look for a pair of dice to help you decide, it’s so overwhelming.

Robert Louis Stevenson said,

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

Ideally, it's best if you have helpers to do the job, too!

It’s lovely to enjoy the fruits of your labour, but your focus needs to be on looking ahead. That said, planting seeds takes a bit of planning. You are best not to just scatter them on the wind, but to divide them into rows or plots, usually within a given parameter. This same philosophy could be used for advancing your day-to-day business; it starts with a long-term plan that is centered on your customer experience. The culture you create communicates your brand identity, and the details of how you accomplish this are what create your customer experience.

Do your employees share your passion? They can only do this if they understand what is exciting about your company. Explain that to them, not with rules and policies, but with values and behaviour.

Do your customers come back repeatedly, and do they bring friends? Walt Disney said that was the secret to success – if you do what you do well enough, it will happen.

Are you running out of ideas? Ask your employees, and your customers how to improve and innovate. They may surprise you with how well they know you.

Are you too busy to try and do these things? Well, you could always hire a mentor to lend a hand.

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