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Join the conversation and engage with your customers!

I want to turn you on to a fellow mentor who has much to offer in the realm of social media. This is a field no one can ignore, and yet the applications can vary with each business. Social media is about engaging with your customers, and that is a key piece of creating a top-notch customer experience. Customers who feel they have a connection with your business will be more loyal, and they will talk about their interactions with their other connections. You want to be a part of that conversation.

Tweet4OK is another great Okanagan mentoring company.

Frithjof Petscheleit is another person who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise, and he works to create unique strategies for each client. His hands-on approach has made him a helpful and effective teacher and his experience is extensive.

Check out my guest post on reputation management and the many pearls of wisdom shared by Frithjof on his Tweet4OK blog. Watch for his guest post here very soon!