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I love to share and I love to learn. One thing many people pick up in the business world is the fear of sharing their knowledge, in case someone might take advantage of them. Well, this idea of every man and woman for themselves is one illustrated in the new Hollywood blockbuster, “The Hunger Games”. I want to give credit where it is due here, and defer to a Gen Y fellow blogger, who really nailed down the lessons to learn from this film. She cuts right to the chase – the first lesson is all about fitting in around the water cooler…

Get people to like you, or you’ll die

I particularly like the last one, working in the field of employee engagement and being a bit of an optimist:

A good mentor will help increase your chances of survival

Read Kayla Cruz’ post from her blog University Ave.

Much of this information is as useful for marketing managers as it is for floor managers. Something to keep in mind as you formulate your messaging, wouldn’t you say? After all, you do want the odds to be in your favour.

This also brings up the topic of how to deal with Gen Y workers and consumers as well, and you can see how much importance they put on getting straight to the heart of things. My next blog post will offer some tips on the best ways to interact with this dynamic generation that makes up an important part of the market.