I’m submitting this post as I digest a large piece of humble pie … I haven’t shared any tidbits in a while, and that was selfish of me. I got caught up in the idea that I should offer something big and it was a good reminder that often the small things  make a big difference. Sharing a smile, opening a door, offering to take a photo… sometimes those little gestures are just the thing to make someone else smile, or even to remind them to look up and make the most of the day.

We all get stuck in the hamster wheel of life, running just to keep up – to what? Oh ya, to our own expectations most often. It’s OK to take a breath. It’s OK to let people know this – they usually appreciate knowing that you’re human too 🙂 Gather your wits about you and carry on, refreshed. They say that even taking the time to pause and lick your lips is enough of a pause for your brain to regroup if you’re feeling stressed.

When, like I do, you are fortunate to work in an industry that involves showing people a beautiful place, all you need to remember is to look out the window. The next time a customer or guest says to you, “Wow! You are so lucky to work here!” take that as a reminder to stop and enjoy that view.

For those of you who may not have a vineyard and lake view at your beck and call, enjoy this slide show I found from BBC World News on concrete jungles. They ask for photos from readers around the world, and some of the entries are downright amazing. Who knows, maybe one of those photos you offer to take for someone might end up in one of these compilations!