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Movies chronicle much of our lives, and the escape they allow us can be entertaining and educational. The best movies are recognized each year by awards from people in the industry, and they come to symbolize our society and its values.  In honour of the Oscars,  I offer you the chance to ponder some great movie lines that relate to excellent customer experiences…

Oscar heading WOW service mentor

“You had me at hello” – Tom Cruise has delivered some classic movie lines with great passion, but in Jerry Maguire it was his co-star, Renée Zellwegger who stole the show when she gave the best response to his personal sales pitch. Make sure you have every customer convinced that you are their perfect match from the moment your staff says hello, and you’ll have it made in the shade. NOTE: Another famous line from the same movie is one NOT to use… “show me the money” doesn’t generally work as a closing line 🙂

“I want the truth!” – Tom Cruise did utter this line in A Few Good Men when questioning Jack Nicholson’s character. Make sure that your employees want to share the truth with your customers. Encourage them to be honest and rather than making something up, to tell a customer they have to ask to get an answer to a question they haven’t had before. This relates to focusing on the positive side of things as well; there is no need to build yourself up by tearing down your competition. Your reputation should be able to rest on its own laurels.

“If you build it, they will come.” – When Kevin Costner played a farmer stuck with a challenging proposition to sell in “Field of Dreams”, he focused on delivering the vision despite the naysayers. Make your vision something your management team and employees can stand behind and communicate confidently and people will come to you, too.

“… big mistake – Huge!” – Julia Roberts became well known for her portrayal of a street girl turned princess in Pretty Woman, and her moment of revenge on the saleswomen who won’t serve her because of her appearance is legendary advice on not making assumptions about the people who visit your business. Anyone can be your customer, and it behooves you not to treat them all like royalty.

“This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”  – Humphrey Bogart said many memorable things in Casablanca, and this one is a true classic. Partnerships offer you a chance to reach new heights by sharing wisdom and perspective, and it shows a community spirit. Unlikely partnerships can often reap the best results, too, so always look for advantages, even when you least expect them.

All of these films were recognized in their industry as having been successful, conveying ideas that people thought were important. In customer service, recognition comes from your customers. You can receive awards, but the true success is in the everyday efforts of your employees delivering your vision. Think of each interaction as a possible Oscar-winning performance and you will reap the rewards of loyal customers and increasing sales revenues.

employee award WOW service mentor

Maybe you might even want to come up with your own set of awards, to recognize special efforts of employees, or customers that show great enthusiasm for your products or services…