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Punching in for work - WOW mentor

It used to be that showing up was the basic requirement for a job – get there on time and complete your duties as assigned and you can count yourself a good employee. Well, if you still think that does the trick, you are sadly mistaken. Especially if you deal with customers.

The expectation today is that you give it your all, 100% at least. magicianCustomers want to know that they are special and just “being served” (take their money, smile, thank them for coming), that doesn’t cut it. Just to meet the bar you have to make sure the customer feels their relationship with the business is important. They need to know they get their money’s worth. If you want to WOW them, you need to think outside the box and respond to each customer individually, providing a product or service that exceeds their expectations. It’s not the kind of thing you can accomplish if you’re just showing up.

Developing a reputation for great service requires engagement. You have to take a few risks to achieve greatness. But if you never try, you will never know how high you can go. Henry Ford reputation - sayw - WOW mentor

Look on the bright side: it’s like the rest of life – don’t you want to make the most of every moment? Shouldn’t you work on having great memories every day? If you value your contribution at work (which happens when you are aligned with the company’s values) then you get at least as much pleasure as the customers out of every experience. What a concept! Who’d have thought work could be that much fun?!