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Doesn’t that sound like a great topic for a Monday?! When I show you the “infographic” you’re going to smile, too, and then you’ll really be in the right frame of mind to make the most of this concept. I trust you will want to share it, as soon as possible, with your employees and colleagues. This is important information!

Dr Seuss top 5 tips

I expect you didn’t think Dr. Seuss would be the kind of expert I would use to promote how to encourage brand loyalty and employee engagement. I doubt that he wrote this list with business in mind, but when a business promotes a philosophy that can be related to a way of life, then doesn’t it make sense that the same guidelines should apply?

I wanted to make this short and sweet – something to ponder. Even if you don’t think these lessons relate to your business, the simplicity of this format is incredibly effective for communicating an important message. Can you say that the company you work for, or the company you run, has these lessons posted anywhere? Do you know what they are?