Have you ever wondered what someone thought of you? Maybe it seemed as if they were a bit standoff-ish, but you couldn’t really tell… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some unmistakable way to know for sure if someone was sincerely friendly in their approach?

Glengarry Glen Ross ABC WOW Service Mentor

It occurred to me this quandary applies in customer service situations as well. If a customer enters a business and the service staff don’t offer a positive impression then the whole experience is up in the air. Staff who don’t know much about product or services might be too nervous to think of being pleasant and outgoing. Staff who seem to be suave and well-groomed but then project arrogance and indifference when interacting don’t help increase revenue.

“The more I know people, the more I love my dog.” (Mark Twain)

If the cashier who couldn’t answer the simple questions about how products work had their head down and their ears back it would be easier to avoid them, wouldn’t it?

When the salesperson who wasn’t interested in helping anyone growled as customers approached, that would be a good sign to move on to someone else, don’t you think?

How easy would it be to have a great experience if the staff member helping you had a wagging tail?


People love animals because they are generally transparent; you see what you get. They live in the moment, enjoying each instant for what it has to offer and putting forward their full energy into the experience.  Doesn’t that sound like what we all want from the ideal service employee?