If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, it’s just possible you haven’t grasped the situation.    – Jean Kerr

The service world is full of unexpected situations. When you deal with people, you just never know what might happen and to keep your calm it is often necessary to step outside the situation. This is often a good time to have a little chuckle to yourself, perhaps at your own expense. Then you can get on with your day. After all, there are always more people to be served, aren’t there?

keep calm and carry on Laughing at our own mistakes and foibles has been a tradition since Elizabethan times (thank you Mr. Shakespeare!). Interestingly enough, love has always had a part in humour too. If you love your work, laughing at silly mistakes is a great way to remind yourself that you can always improve, but at the end of the day you are only human. It’s wonderful to work towards excellence, but folly to work towards perfection.

Teach your team to use humour as a destressor and you will keep them energized. Coach yourself to keep your sense of humour at the ready; laughing uses fewer muscles than crying and it helps you live longer (both scientifically proven facts). It’s also been proven that the more you laugh, the more in shape your sense of humour gets. As a Canadian I can claim a slight advantage which fellow Canucks can happily join in on… it is said that due to our harsh climates we are more prone to developing a good sense of humour as a way to survive in extreme conditions. Working in the service world can be the same kind of environment… that must be why I think I am so funny 🙂

Be serious about having fun, especially on a tough day. Your clients will thank you for it, as will your colleagues and your heart.

In case you’re rusty, watch this wonderful video from the Two Ronnies in the UK for a wee chuckle (note: Orange is a network in the UK)