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When I started WOW Service Mentor, one of my primary goals was to ensure that I would deliver my message in a positive way. I wanted businesses to know it was possible to get employees excited about working for them. I wanted employees to know they could have fun with customers, even working at a serious business. I chose the phrase “delivering happiness” as part of my mentor services because it seems all too often that is the first thing we forget at work. My biggest thrill when working with groups is when I see people who have complained about their challenges smile when we work out a solution. There is hope! I tell my workshop attendees that a sense of humour is a survival skill; you’ll see from previous posts that I encourage positive thinking at every stage of the service experience. Often people don’t even realize how happiness helps them to work through stressful situations in a much more successful way.

I have always worked to persuade people to have fun in doing their work. I was so excited to see this TED Talk about research that proves being happy actually means you will do better work. Leaders, take this to heart. Show a positive example, and see your staff soar as they gain the momentum of positive thinking!

Try some of Shawn Anchor’s suggestions in your employee training to make happiness part of your business culture. If you’re only an employee, be selfish and take advantage for yourself!!

  • write down things you are grateful for every day for at least a few weeks. You’ll be surprised how many you come up with!
  • Write a journal – remember that among the things that disappointed or frustrated you there were happy moments too.
  • Meditate – take a few moments to step away from the world that goes at mach speed, and breathe.
  • Random Acts of Kindness – engage in them regularly to make the behaviour a habit.

Work to raise the concept of what “average” entails, try to be happy by achieving your potential instead of worrying what fits into “normal”. Breaking outside the molds by having fun and living without worrying about being in the box or out of it is a way for all of us to enjoy life a bit more. Employees and customers can share in this success.

Watch Shawn Anchor’s inspirational TED talk to see more details of the research and laugh with his ingenious stories of how it all works.

If you want to incorporate more happiness into your business, I’d be happy to work with you. Contact me (wowmentor@shaw.ca) anytime!