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going all the way Buddha - sayw

Years ago when listening to a Tony Robbins lecture on tape I heard him say something that struck a chord:

Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.

This may seem harsh to some, but it does make a good point – it’s easy to keep procrastinating on the challenging things that really get us to new places, and instead focus on the easier little things that really don’t change much.

So, my advice this Monday morning is “wake up, smell the coffee… and get going!” Or if you prefer, how about …

Do something every day that scares you.

If you take on something difficult, just one thing each day, then you will make progress. Then isn’t it logical that the difficult thing isn’t as scary? Now you’re getting the hang of it 🙂

Seth Godin's headSeth Godin is another guru when it comes to success, especially in the sales field. He writes often about focusing your energy on your goals and not diluting your message for the sake of trying to please everyone. I recommend reading his blog – his post today fits with my theme. I particularly like his closing statement, in contrast to the usual North American sentiment, “More is better”. He says,

Better is better than more.

Focus your efforts on your number one goal. Find your passion and go for it. Teach your team to tackle the tough stuff right away. Success is about being true to yourself, and taking action. What will you do today to get better?