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“Most companies are very quick to hire and slow to fire, when really it should be the other way around.” – Tony Hsieh #culturefit”

Tony Hsieh has created an very successful empire with Zappos, and he has done it because he figured out what he wanted his company to be about (great service) and he made sure all his staff knew that and had the tools to make that happen. Anyone who doesn’t like the attention or time it might take to owe every customer won’t like working there; they are not a good “fit”.

The cherry on the Zappos sundae is that part if their philosophy, or culture, is to have fun doing their work. If you like the work and you’re havering fun, you’re not going to leave anytime soon, right? No need to fire anyone if they are all doing a great job. By the same token, if the parameters are clear about what doing a good job means, then firing people who aren’t is simple, and relatively quick (they either get back on track or they choose to be fired)

The hardest part is finding the right combinations. Do you like the culture where you work? If you’re hiring people, look for that philosophy in new prospects. You can train them what to do; how you want it delivered is trickier.
Here’s to delivering happiness to everyone – the whole team of workers and the customers!