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Here we are, another big holiday. It’s a time for families to spend together, to share big meals around the table, to reflect, to let the kids eat chocolate… there is always lots of pressure around holidays, with all the obligations we have. Many of us also have a busy time at work with Easter, whether it means the start of a tourist season, lots of customers with time off to spend at your business, or maybe even just the pressure of a full inbox after extra days off. I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to take a deep breath and remember, you can laugh – it will help …even if the laugh sounds a bit hysterical 🙂

“Happy Easter everyone! Jesus dies, comes back from the dead — and we get chocolate eggs. It’s like turn-down service from God.” – Dennis Leary

The quote above is not meant to offend anyone, but rather to remind us all that keeping our sense of humour even when things are serious and important is a key to getting through the stress.

You might be thinking, now that it’s the last day before the Easter weekend, “I would have liked to do something for my staff, but I just didn’t get the time!” Well, why not do it next week, or the week after?

  • Make a plan for a May Day party on May 1 (also a Thursday, so hopefully not too busy). Celebrate spring (or be really humourous and use that naval definition of May Day – maybe the party is a break from the chaos!)
  • Put chocolates around the office next week and let your team know that the Easter Bunny wanted to make sure they didn’t go through withdrawal 🙂

Easter Bunny


  • Organize a “Spring Cleaning” of your workspace (a re-design of store displays, or a clearing of piled-up desks or cleaning of restaurant service stations – any and all are good). Give a prize to team members who do the best or most creative cleaning job! (movie passes, treats, flowers, a coffee card – all are fun bonuses)

spring flowers inspiration

  • Host a “Hatching New Ideas” contest for your team – ask them to bring forward their most creative ideas and suggestions for improvements, changes or additions to your business. Give out prizes for not only ideas you want to implement but also “Most off-the-wall” or “Best Customer Service Suggestion”.
  • Send out thank you’s – just because. Write notes or e-mails to each team member (or each department leader if your team is really big) thanking them for the specific talent you especially appreciate or the quality that makes them a key member of your team. Doing it “just because” will sometimes mean even more than when it’s done on a work anniversary or birthday. *NOTE: This can also be very effective with loyal customers, giving them a customer service WOW they really don’t expect!

It’s never too late to have a good time, or to execute a good deed. Don’t let yourself get pressured into working around obligations, just stick to your own goals and you’ll have success.

Happy Easter!