This post was put up in relation to kids in the classroom but it follows just as much anywhere else, and certainly in the workplace – with colleagues and with customers. Food for thought…

Jessica L. Arrant


The children I take part in facilitating every day lack many important social skills. One of the issues we struggle the most with in the behavioral focus classroom setting is respect.

This particular post may seem cliche- and if, to you, it does appear as if I’m stating the obvious, then that is a good indication you live in a respectful environment. However, it is important to become conscious of the fact that many people, many of those rude and disrespectful people we dread crossing paths with, come from a place of no respect whatsoever.

Have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”? What do you think this means? This saying points out an important
characteristic of respect. What you consider useful and important may not be the same to others. Because we are a society of diverse people, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds, our upbringing…

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