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I have a reminder for you this weekend: take time to enjoy the moment. Then see what you can learn from it.

Why am I inspired to offer this advice? I am off to Girl Guide camp this weekend. Two days with almost 20 little Sparks, aged 5-6 years old. I won’t get much sleep, and I will probably answer just short of a thousand questions and hear a hundred stories that start with “one time,…” Intensive time with children can be exhausting, but it can also be inspiring.

We are having a Dr. Seuss theme for our camp, and I was looking for stories we could tell before bed. Needless to say we had already put Green Eggs and Ham on the camp menu, and we will be making truffala trees out of pencils and putting them in a Cat in the Hat pencil tin. But what could we send the kids off to bed with as a bit of fuel for dreaming?

It didn’t take long to find the perfect tale. Often this story is used for momentous occasions like Graduation, but when you’re 5 or 6 years old, almost everything is important. So, why not let them listen to an encouraging proclamation.

As I listened to John Lithgow recount this tale with zeal and confidence, I realized that a bit of encouragement and practical advice wasn’t so bad for me either. I chuckled, I nodded, I breathed deep to take in all the important words. Turns out we’re never too old to stop and soak up the full essence of an experience.

As such, it behooved me not to share this with you. Heading into your weekend, why not sit back and enjoy a moment, just because?

Even if you’re not actually going anywhere at the moment, pondering the journey can -and should – be fun. The advantage of being a grown up, after all, is that we know the bumps in the road are just that; they don’t have to stop us from getting to our destination.