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I bet you’re like me, you read all kinds of headlines and see numerous blog posts and newsletters and articles and discussions about all kinds of topics… it’s a challenge to sift through all the information. Once in a while something strikes a chord and you actually delve deeper to discover the details.
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Read the article from The Art of Non-Conformity here.

I hope this is one of those times – this is a cool story, and there are a couple of lessons here. The reason I wanted to share it is that I think it’s a classic case of “more than meets the eye”. Read on and please, comment on how you see this situation. Both sides have expertise to offer in their interpretation and they both had an enjoyable experience. If you had been there, how would you react? What do you think of their choices?

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Business is about understanding other people’s choices. Success in business is knowing which people will enjoy your choices the most.

Marketing is about convincing people your choice is the one they will enjoy most.

Service is about helping people to make the choice they will enjoy most.

Life is about making choices. A happy life is knowing you can enjoy the choices you made.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that one of the reasons there are choices is because we are all different. We don’t all want the same thing. Just because someone didn’t choose the same as you doesn’t mean they made the wrong choice.